Why do young people come for counselling? Norwich Counsellor|support for Young People.

Young people can face many confusing issues


Norwich Counsellor offers support, counselling and hypnotherapy for young people.

Sometimes life can feel very overwhelming and it can all get on top of you.  You may even begin to feel panicky and confused.  Many young people struggle on –  feeling lonely, frightened and anxious.

Youth Counselling –

  • Asks you where you want to go and helps you identify your skills and strengths
  • Gives you a safe place to share and process those difficult  feelings
  • Builds your confidence and develops positive thoughts, habits and behaviours
  • Helps you gain perspective and work out realistic strategies to deal with your life
  • Assists you to set achievable goals and move forwards

Get motivated and back in control!

Focus on your happiness and well being.

Recognise the things you can change in your life!

Do it now.






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