STOP STRESSING – Take time to overcome your anxiety. Counselling will help you De-stress

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Counselling and Hypnotherapy can help you overcome your anxiety, relax and de-stress.  Anxiety is a feeling of unease, such as worry or fear, that can be mild or severe.  Everyone has feelings of anxiety at some point in their life.  For example, you may feel worried and anxious about sitting an exam or having a medical test or job interview.  Some anxiety is good for you.  It keeps you alert and can help you to perform well.  But only some.  If it gets too intense, or goes on for too long, it can make you feel bad and interfere with your life.  If you feel anxious all the time, or for no obvious reason, it can make life difficult.  You may feel permanently on edge or even panicky.  If it just won’t go away, then it’s much better to get help rather than suffer in silence.  Even making small changes can make a big difference to your daily wellbeing.

Sometimes anxiety is brought on by – overwork, lack of sleep, illness, a lack of confidence, or big changes and challenging life events (past and present).  Talking about it with a counsellor can really help you to spot the symptoms, identify your triggers and make positive change in your life.

If  anxiety and your hectic lifestyle has got you down, Advanced Hypnotherapy will give you relaxation techniques to bring you back into balance.  It can help you to focus on replacing negative thoughts and behaviour with a more positive outlook.  Listening to a hypnotherapy CD, self-hypnosis, and working with a therapist to ‘re-programme’ your sub-conscious mind – these are all excellent tools to help you achieve a more positive state and ease your anxiety.

Become more mindful and put together a tool kit that works for you, to gain a sense of calm and perspective.

“Be prepared!  Preparation is the key to success as there is no better way to put a distracted mind at ease than a sense of order.”  Lonely Planet




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