Need to relax and unwind? Love Lavender and Love Yourself! | Norwich Counsellor| Meditation Group

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Most of us are familiar with the calming and relaxing properties of Lavender.  I grow it in my Norwich garden and adore the scent.  This aromatic herb has been  used by herbalists for hundreds of years to soothe and heal.  You might also like to try the simple techniques of self-hypnosis and meditation in order to create inner serenity and be in the moment.

Calming our brainwaves, with meditation, can elicit many desirable changes,  known as the relaxation response.  This may lower blood pressure, reduce anxiety and encourage deeper and more restful sleep.

With meditation and self-hypnosis it’s also easy to transport yourself to your very own ‘favourite spot’, where you can simply drift, relax, let go, and release all those daily cares.

We always enjoy our Monthly Meditation Group, here in Norwich.  Regular practice will recharge your batteries, nourish body and soul, and enable you to create better balance in your life.

Next time you pass a lavender bush – just take a moment and breathe in that delicious scent!



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