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Counselling for Couples, Individuals and Young People

19119453464_e20b18a74b_nCounselling provides a time and a place where you can articulate your thoughts and feelings, share the ‘burden’, be heard and take a really good look at what is troubling you.  Counselling sessions and mediation, are available daytime and evenings here in Sprowston, Norwich. They will provide a confidential, supportive, and safe space, to explore your concerns.

Both couple counselling and individual counselling can raise awareness, develop powers of self-reflection and generate new understanding.  A combination of counselling and hypnotherapy can support you to find ways to accept and make peace with things you can’t change, step into the ‘positive spot’ and become aware that you do have choices.

Counselling gives you space where you can open up, in confidence, and discover what really matters to you.  It’s an opportunity to examine your values, beliefs, hopes and needs, and also question and challenge things that may feel ‘fixed in stone’, in order to discover and express your authentic true self.

All of us possess the tools needed to guide and direct us in life;  courage, wisdom, love, self-motivation, willpower, intuition, creativity.  When you tap into these resources, something of a miracle can occur, as you manifest change, realise your dreams and bring about positive outcomes in your life.

I offer:

  • Counselling and advanced hypnotherapy for stress management
  • Counselling for anger management – for couples and individuals and young people
  • Relationship counselling (I am Relate trained) –  for communication, divorce, mediation, intimacy issues, and endings
  • Relationship counselling and mediation for negotiating conflict
  • Counselling and advanced hypnotherapy to boost confidence and self esteem
  • Counselling and advanced hypnotherapy to manage anxiety and depression
  • Counselling and advanced hypnotherapy to help release and resolve unconscious patterns and behaviour
  • Counselling to explore ‘issues’, raise self-awareness and develop powers of self reflection
  • Counselling and hypnotherapy for healing emotional difficulties/traumas and abuse
  • Spiritual counselling
  • Counselling to manage change – focus on solutions,  and move forward
  • Bereavement counselling for couples and individuals and young people
  • Experienced and professional counselling for young people


“It only takes one person to change your life – you”  (Ruth Casey)





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