Unhappy with your relationship? Norwich Counsellor can help couples and individuals.

Stickman_AngryNorwich Counsellor|Support for couples, individuals & young people 

Relationship counselling is for everyone whether you are single, married, gay or living together and you can come on your own, or as a couple. Maybe, you are feeling the need to get closer, or your relationship has ended, or hit a crisis point? At these times, most of us struggle to communicate difficult feelings, especially when they are deeply held, or involve negotiating conflict, particularly with those close to us.

Sometimes, we find ourselves struggling to deal with issues from the past.  Counselling sessions  can provide a confidential and safe space to explore your needs, maybe heal past wounds, build trust and find a positive way forwards.

There are times, of course, when  it’s best to call it a day and ending a relationship is painful and difficult.  I often tell my clients, “Before you walk away, see if you can work at it.  Then you’ll know you gave it your best shot.”

Norwich Counsellor  offers support, for couples, individuals and young people, whatever the outcome.



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