Communication problems? Norwich Counsellor can help couples bridge that gap.

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  Relationship & Marriage counselling can help a couple to restore their relationship to health and happiness.  When couples seek counselling they are usually caught up in conflict, bringing intimacy issues or reacting to a recent crisis. Couple counselling involves them both working together, with the counsellor, to improve their communication, express difficult feelings and manage anger more effectively.

We often have different styles of communication.  Maybe one person comes from a family where ‘you  needed to shout the loudest to be heard’ and the other from a much quieter family, where folks mostly ‘kept their feeling to themselves.’  These different communication styles can easily result in misunderstandings and hurt building between the couple.  Understanding and accepting these differences can enable a couple to make many positive changes,  bridge that gap and get close again once more.

A simple communication exercise will help you to clearly articulate what you need and acknowledge and appreciate one another.  It provides an opportunity to express deeply held feelings and to learn how to listen to each other.  When we begin to ask each other clear questions and fully listen to the answers it becomes easier to understand one another.

Then we are able to – Step into the other’s shoes!




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