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  Autumn in Norwich –  a time of endings and transformation.  When this reflects what’s happening in our lives, it can feel like life is trying to nudge us forwards.

Clients regularly come to me for Counselling, here in Norwich, in order to deal with change in their personal life, career, business, and relationships.  Change can often feel very challenging, like an uninvited guest, and it may involve making tough decisions about situations where you  feel trapped or overwhelmed.  Most of us feel excited and anxious about change so it’s normal to feel a bit lost or confused at this time.

Hypnotherapy, and regular use of a  Hypnosis CD, will help you to relax and lower your anxiety levels so you can focus quietly and calmly on what’s really important.  This will enable you to view the situation with a much clearer perspective, and see things in context.  It’s beneficial to take your time and consider the choices and possibilities that are in front of you.

Counselling also provides a safe space where you can step back, explore your options and express your feelings. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the valuable life experiences you’ve already gained.   We all learn from our mistakes!

Norwich Counselling, and Coaching  sessions will also help you to ‘dig down’ and find the tools, strengths and courage to empower you to step out of your comfort zone.  As you tap into that inner self-belief, you’ll be ready to take that all important first step.

Change is an opportunity.

Adopt  a positive attitude.

Listen to your inner wisdom and move forward!

“What you sow, you reap.”  

Autumn  –  the time to reap the harvest you’ve worked hard for and truly deserve!


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