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We often become stressed and anxious because of unhelpful thought patterns that we may not even be aware of.  Simply taking time to listen to your own thoughts can help you to recognise which thoughts are negative and which thoughts are positive.

Becoming more reflective and mindful gives you an opportunity to raise your awareness, step back and observe how you think and feel in response to events and people around you.  You can then identify any unhelpful patterns in your reactions and take steps to change.

Thinking about what happened is part of being human.  Reflection helps you to realign old thought patterns and not be led by them.  As you gain clarity of thought you are better equipped to solve your problems.  This clarity also helps you to accept what you can’t change and change what you can.  Once you get into the regular habit of using reflective practice you are then able to lower your stress and anxiety levels, at work and at home.

As you make time to reflect you can gain more focus and perspective and learn from your mistakes.

So Turn up the Silence + Meditate + Reflect + Find peace and wisdom within


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