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Norwich counsellor - climbing!   Clients often ask  –  “Can counselling & hypnotherapy help me manage my anxiety?”

 Counselling and hypnotherapy can help us discover  strategies to control our fears and find a more appropriate and resourceful response to challenging events in our lives.  Here in Norwich, we don’t have mountains to climb, but overcoming our  fears and anxieties can be pretty daunting at times!  Fear is there to protect us and keep us aware of danger.  However, sometimes we become more and more anxious and begin to feel ‘trapped in fear’ and then, it can hold us back.

So how do we overcome these fears?

You don’t have to do it all alone!  Just facing your fears, and talking it all through with a counsellor, can enable you step back, and get it all into perspective.  For example, it’s normal to be anxious before a big event such as a job interview, or your driving test!  So, when you learn how to effectively use the power of your mind,  you can then free yourself from your limitations and discover how strong and resourceful you really are!

‘Hypnotherapy tools’ can also be put to good use –

  • Hypnosis CDs – to relax mind and body.
  • An anchor – Use this whenever you need to replace the fear with a more resourceful state.
  • Create and practise new strategies and behaviours.

Remember, we can’t control events but we can control our response to them.

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