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Buzzy Bees in Norwich

I love to be outside with the buzzy bees in my garden.  We are fortunate to live next to peaceful woodland, on the edge of Norwich, where the birds, bees and butterflies always lift my spirits.  Working as a counsellor can be hectic at times and on these sultry summer days nothing beats escaping to relax and enjoy the scents and sounds of my glorious garden.

Studies show that meditation and hypnosis can help us to positively manage stress by calming our brain waves and bring about the relaxation response.  Being in nature will also soothe the soul and inspire.  So why not step back from the humdrum of life and find your own heavenly hideaway.  Somewhere to put your feet up, relax and dream, or curl up with a book.

Take time out to rekindle your relationship with Mother Nature.  Share in her delights and simply………..

‘Bee in the Moment.’

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